Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Writer's Workshop: Through My Son's Eyes

I haven't participated in the Writer's Workshop for at least a few weeks now, either because none of the prompts really spoke to me (no offence, Mama Kat!), or I didn't feel like writing for whatever reason. This one is perfect, though: 4.) Hand your child a camera and share life captured from their perspective. I got this!

Joshua has been a picture-taking machine lately. He asks for his camera all the time (being only four, he gets it under adult supervision... mostly) and takes photos of the most random things. Some are things he thinks are beautiful and wants "to remember them forever." Other times, he's just playing Cars 2 and pretending to be Finn McMissile, taking photos of the "bad guys." And then there are the videos of him chasing the cats. It's always an adventure.

Here are a few gems I discovered on his camera. Unedited, because "Edit your own photos, kid!"


His first bathroom selfie


Saving the memory of these beautiful flowers


He is currently obsessed with leaves (we have a bag full of them on our counter to prove it). This shot would have been pretty cool if that darn strap didn't get in the way.


Pumpkins! (Another current obsession)


I finally convinced him to turn off the flash (we weren't going to blind people in Cracker Barrel) and he got this really nice photo.


Nice shot of the horses at Animal Appreciation Day


From Where I Stand: at the soccer field


Most of the photos are of ordinary items around the house. Clickers make awesome photos, eh?

I'm not sure what he says at the end, but I hope it's nothing bad (something about a mirror?). 99% of the videos on here are of the cats. I liked this one with his cute little toes.

Not too bad for a little man, eh? It will be scary interesting to see him on Instagram in ten years or so!
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