Wednesday, October 9, 2013

MixTape: The Sountrack Edition

I'm linking up with Jen for Twisted MixTape Tuesday. This week's theme is: "I wouldn’t love these songs so much if they weren’t part of a Soundtrack. Your favorite songs from soundtracks, could be anywhere from pop music you love to original scores, you decide. Try and use the point of view that it was the Soundtrack that made you love the song."

This was another really tough one for me. My mind went totally blank when I read the prompt. I have what I call movie amnesia. I'm not one to remember every scene or line in a movie, or even what songs were in it or the title. Someone may refresh my memory and I'll remember, but unless I've seen the movie at least five times or so (hello, Cars 2), my memory of it will be vague.

That being said, I was going to skip this week, but I thought of a couple of songs, so I decided to participate anyway. I'm sure I'll think of some other better songs later in the week (that's happened last week, too), but here's what I came up with for today.

I've always liked the song "No Diggity," but I really love the Pitch Perfect version.

Sorry, Lionel Ritchie, I never liked the song "Hello" until I heard Lea Michelle and Jonathan Groff sing it on Glee (hopefully, TV shows count). Although, David Cook did a good version of it on American Idol, too.

On its own, I don't think there is anything very special about this song, but put it in Indiana Jones, and it becomes a classic. I've watched these movies (the first three, at least) roughly a million times each, so they are some of the few movies I practically know by heart. Especially The Last Crusade, my very favorite.

Maybe I searched for the Holy Grail in a past life, or maybe it's because I love all things medieval (actually, make that historical), but this is another of my favorite movies. And "Knights of the Round Table" from Monty Python and the Holy Grail is so much more fun when you see it in the movie.

I don't remember the movie Go that well, but I remember it was weird and I really liked it. And it had an awesome soundtrack that I went right out to buy the day after seeing it.

I was going to share a song from the first soundtrack album I ever owned (Annie, on cassette tape, a gift when I was six and had to have my tonsils out). I'll spare you that, though. Hope you enjoyed my kinda lame and totally random list! :)

Jen Kehl