Thursday, October 17, 2013

[200/365] First World Problem

Those darn dishes won't clean themselves.

[200/365] First World Problem

Sun in my eyes!


Ugh! Missed another deer photo opportunity. (But did get a cool creepy Halloween-ish photo!)


Yet another doctor appointment. But I got good news: I don't need surgery, and medicine should help improve my issues. I'm so thankful for that, and for the fact that I have health insurance and access to good medical care.


In other First World news, I went with Joshua on his first school field trip this morning. We went on a hayride at a local farm, where one of the farmers gave them a tour. Joshua couldn't have cared less about the vegetables, but as soon as we saw the chickens, he was excited. (He just loves chickens.) OK, so maybe he was excited about the pumpkins and butternut squash. (We are definitely Autumn people.) At any rate, as the farmer spoke about the different meats we get from animals, my little vegetarian proclaimed, "I would never kill an animal... except for the Big Bad Wolf." You tell 'em, kid. He's lucky the First World has easy access to peanut butter and fortified cereal.