Tuesday, September 3, 2013

[155/365] Rain, Rain, Go Away

It rained today. A lot. So much, in fact, that there was flooding around the state -- a washed-out street near my home was just shown on the local news, and my neighbors are also missing a good chunk of their driveway. Because of the flash flood warnings, we just spent the day in the house, but I had a very disappointed four-year-old. I promised him that we would do "something fun" this weekend, but was unable to deliver. He wanted to go to the zoo on Saturday, but since there was rain in the forecast, we ended up doing some errands and school shopping (at least he got some cool new shoes). I spent the day with my friend on Sunday, and promised him a trip to the aquarium today, since there was still rain in the forecast. Unfortunately, it was a lot more rain than I had imagined, and now I'm feeling some major "Mommy Guilt" for not being able to come through (he even cried, it was terrible). I'm feeling frustrated, because I only get so much time with my son to go out and do things, and I felt like he was terribly bored today. But I guess I kept him safe by keeping him home today, so maybe that is more important.

[155/365] Rain, Rain Go Away

And, well, maybe he wasn't completely miserable.