Tuesday, August 6, 2013

[128/365] Ranch Wear

Joshua has been asking me when we are going back to Colorado. "Why did we have to leave? Why can't we just stay there?" He told me he wants to move there. "Next time we go back to Colorado, we should bring our house so we can live there." That's the same way I feel every time I leave there, too, kid. You ever feel like maybe you belong somewhere else? I do. Maybe he does, too.

He wants to be a cowboy for Halloween, but he has outgrown his cowboy hat. We'll have to do some shopping. He says he needs a hat and a lasso and a "real horse." We can take care of the first two, at least.

[128/365] Ranch Wear


I think he'll make a cute cowboy, although he was looking adorable as he was marching around in his Native feathered headband tonight, too. :)