Sunday, August 4, 2013

[125/365] Red Panda

Josh and I had quite a busy day today. We brought the cats to the vet for their check-ups, went in search of a particular "Switch and Go Dino" because Josh had filled up his chore/behavior chart with gold stars (we couldn't find the one he wanted, but he ended up settling on a different one), and then visited the zoo. We had planned to go to the beach after the vet appointment, but the morning turned out to be rainy/cloudy and in the 60s. Not a beach day, but definitely a zoo day.

The red pandas were being especially adorable. I have to say, they have become my favorite animals there. Shh, don't tell the penguins. Or the donkey that I have named Eeyore because he always looks so sad. (I want to take him home with me.)


Cute face!

"I'm so cute!"

"Don't you just love me?"

"I'm going to hide now. Bye!"

See? So. Freaking. Cute. Josh put up with me for a little while as I took all these photos, and then he was like, "Can we stop looking at the red pandas now?" But they're so cute!

And also, when did he get so big? I swear this happened overnight.


We ended the day with a lovely dinner at Cracker Barrel. He requested we go in our cowboy boots, so we did -- he in his shorts and I in my jeans. This prompted the ladies in the store to (1) adore him, and (2) ask where we were from. Oh, just down the road... but we've been to Colorado recently.

On the way home, there was an awesome sunset. And of course, you know I had to photograph it. Josh was very patient with me as I took photos this time. Probably because he was half falling asleep in the back seat with his Dino.



Not a bad Saturday. Hope yours was great, too!