Tuesday, July 30, 2013

[117-119/365] New Hampshire

This weekend was girls' spa weekend, dubbed by my friend as "Operation: Evacuation and Rejuvenation." We relaxed, ate and drank way too much, were pampered at the spa, and really enjoyed the scenery and mountain air. We also reminisced about camp days (but not band camp) with s'mores over a campfire, and an ax throwing contest. Such a great time.









On the way home on Sunday, we made a couple of tourist stops to the Old Man of the Mountain and Clark's Trading Post. We briefly saw one of the Black Bears at Clark's.


We discovered that there is a new monument over by the Old Man. His face tragically fell off the mountain in 2003, and there are new metal poles in place that will mimic the look of the famous rock formation when you line it up correctly. I tried.





And, as tradition, I always have to get a photo of one of these when I go to New Hampshire.