Sunday, July 21, 2013

[112/365] Cleaning Day

Today was supposed to be a beach day, but a few things happened when I woke up.

1. It was later than I wanted.
2. It was cloudy outside.
3. The radar showed that it was raining at the beach.
4. Joshua was quite enthusiastic when he suggested, "Let's clean the house today!"

So we did. Sort of.

[112/365] Cleaning Day

He has his own Swiffer (one piece of the handle taken out so it's just the right height) and helped to clean the floor with it and the vacuum. I have photographic evidence, which I can hopefully use at some point when he's older. We tackled the project I've most been wanting to finish: cleaning his playroom. Which meant he played with newly rediscovered toys and read his old baby books, while I organized his toys into the lovely bins we bought at IKEA and hauled his books upstairs to his bedroom bookcase. But at least it kept him out of trouble, for the most part. I'm glad to say that the mission has been accomplished... but now I am REALLY tired.


I'm not sure if Lily disapproves, or if she's just really tired of me taking photos of her. Could be a combination of both.