Wednesday, June 12, 2013

[73/365] Goodnight, Moon

[73/365] Goodnight, Moon by goaliej54

I took this one quickly tonight, using the 1600 ISO (so I could keep the shutter speed fairly quick and not need to use a tripod) and it came out very grainy. It was a beautiful night, though. Nice and cool, with the moon peeking through the trees and the fireflies dancing around under some faint stars.

I'll be traveling to Colorado tomorrow for a family reunion with my dad's family. I'm nervous about the flight (not a huge fan of flying) and the fact that our hotel is about 10 miles from the huge forest fire in Black Forest that started yesterday, but I'm hoping things will be OK and we'll have a good time. I should have some different and (hopefully) more interesting photos for the next week, anyway. :)