Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wordy/Wordless Wednesday: Boston Edition

I'm joining Judy's Wordy/Wordless Wednesday link-up this week. I need to be a little wordy today. :)

Sad and scary day in my favorite city on what is the city's favorite day -- Patriots Day. Praying for all of the victims of the tragedy today. by goaliej54
Photos I took on a happier day in Boston -- the Bruins' 2011 Stanley Cup victory parade.

We love our sports in the greater Boston area. Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics, Patriots, Revolution. Even the pro lacrosse team, the Cannons. Patriots' Day, celebrated the third Monday of April, is a public holiday in Massachusetts. The festivities are generally sports related: the Boston Marathon, a Red Sox game. This year, the Bruins were to play, as well, and the Patriots had a fan fest down at Gillette Stadium.

So, while a bombing of any sort would have been devastating in this city, I think it especially hurt because it was on such a special day in the city, and at a sporting event. (And the fact that two innocent women and a child were killed, with many others injured just saddens and disgusts me. I'm praying for them all, and hope I can find some way to help.)

Watching the outpouring of support from people around the country and world has been amazing, and I find the support from the sporting world especially touching. The Yankees -- the biggest rival of our beloved Red Sox -- played a Fenway favorite song, "Sweet Caroline," during their game on Tuesday. The Chicago Tribune had a wonderful tribute to Boston in their sports section. And after the Red Sox won in Cleveland on Tuesday, the Indians' organization played "Dirty Water" -- the victory song played in Boston.Totally classy organizations.

The Bruins rescheduled their Monday game, but were back to play tonight. (They lost in a shootout, but clinched a playoff spot.) No terrorist (domestic or international) is going to keep us from our sports. We are Boston Strong, and proud.