Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Bright Side of Life

I've come to the conclusion that my son is like the little boy version of Pollyanna.

I used to love watching that movie, about a vivacious little girl who came to town and brightened everyone's lives. This morning, as Josh looked out the window, he declared, "It's raining! I can wear my rain boots today!" Life must be good when you're always seeing the glass as half full.

During my conference with his teacher, she told me that he inspires other children with his thoughts. The principal told me that they will all miss him next year, with his infectious personality that brightens everyone's day. And his music teacher told me not to be surprised if he gets into acting someday. I won't be.

This weekend, we stopped to watch a band play as we left a restaurant, and the lead singer noticed Josh right away. He told the crowd that he loved how Josh was smiling, despite the fact that they were singing some heartbreak country song. Then he decided to play something more uplifting, just for Josh. He and the entire bar broke into the theme song from "Sesame Street," while Josh and I danced. It was so funny, and so Josh. He has that effect on people.

He loves to go to stores, or anywhere, really, to get out of the house and see new people. He invites random kids to his house (yikes), and just likes everyone and wants to have lots of friends. He started a conversation with a woman about her boots in the line at Ulta the other day. ("Where did you get those boots? They're very nice.") He is rarely shy, and so confident. I hope he always keeps this -- I was like this when I was his age, and now I'm annoyingly shy and awkward.  But I'm definitely going to have to have some sort of "stranger danger" talk with him.

It's no surprise that Josh's favorite color is orange. He is definitely the Tigger to my Eeyore. (He even likes to bounce.) It takes a lot of energy to keep up with him, but I am glad to have him around to brighten my world.