Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Tribute

For this week's Monday Listicles, Stasha has asked us to come up with a list of 10, anything related to women in celebration of International Women's Day. (My co-workers snickered at this holiday, by the way. That's what I get for working with men.) I am pretty much a tomboy, far from being a girly girl, so women who inspire me are strong and intelligent. Athletes, politicians, and activists top the list. Also, artists -- particularly writers and photographers. However, rather than write a list of these women, I wanted to talk about one -- a woman we lost on Monday. My grandmother-in-law Loretta was a tough cookie. Strong, smart, witty, hilarious. She always spoke her mind, but would have a laugh at the end. She was very kind, and many people loved her. Even at the end, she was strong. She was ready to go, and was not afraid. She had a ton of faith in God. She will be missed, greatly, by many.

Josh and Grammy
RIP, "Grammy" Loretta.