Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Well, make that Tuesday. I had a fun, sports-filled weekend with my friends. Hockey on Friday and Saturday, football on Sunday. The hockey went better than the football. Ahem. I am just catching up on laundry and blogging (I need more hours in the day) but it was well worth it.

1. Strike a Pose

My friend Becky helped me out with this one. This is the "Let's Go Patriots!" pose.  Too bad it didn't bring them any luck. Sigh.

2. Footwear

Little man's skate.

3. Hobby

I thought this mark on the glass looked like a hockey stick. Hockey and photography are my hobbies.

4. Shiny

The moon and this streetlight are shiny.

5. Color Me Green
Sweet green car, cruising down the highway.