Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Scavenger Hunt

This week has been so hectic.  Shopping, Christmas activities, illness (unfortunately), etc.  What I am trying to say is that I didn't have a chance to take all of the photos for the Scavenger Hunt.  In fact, I only got as far as "Holiday Lights."  So I am adding quite a few archive photos.  I hope you (Ashley and others) will forgive me!  I really wanted to participate, but as it sometimes does, life got in the way.

Update: Apparently I missed the submission deadline; I guess I should have finished this before midnight!  Oh well, no matter... there is always next week. :)

1. Less is More

[335/365] Moon Waxing Gibbous
I took this photo of the moon a couple of weeks ago for my 365 project.

2. Holiday Lights


Enjoying the lights at Edaville Railroad in Carver MA.  I included two photos because these are the ones I actually took this week. :)


3. Ornaments

The next three are photos I took last year for an online course, Picturing the Holidays.  I actually took several ornament photos this week, but didn't like the way any of them came out.

4. Cup of Cheer

Day 28: Through the Looking Glass (1)
A little vino in the kitchen.  I love the reflection of the curtains and cabinet.

5. Nativity

Day 13: Simply Divine
A nativity set/ornament that my mother brought back to me from Mexico.