Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Time for Monday Listicles! Jacqui was the guest topic-picker, and chose "Guilty Pleasures." I really have no idea what to write, but let me try...

1. Sweets. Evil, evil sweets. I would not feel guilty about eating them, except for the fact that I am fat and should not be eating them. Oh well.
2. Musical shows -- American Idol, Glee, The Sing Off, etc. I even watched "Lemonade Mouth" one night and kinda liked it. Don't judge me.
3. Country music. Yee haw, y'all.
4. Social networking. I am a shy people-person, if that makes any sense. I love being able to communicate online.
5. Photography. It drives everyone nuts to have to wait for me all the time while I stop to take photos. I usually feel guilty about this, but not if I get a great shot.
6. Teeny-bopper dance music. I think we've established that I will listen to just about any kind of music. And I love to dance.
7. Singing in my car. Not necessarily feeling guilty about this one, but I do get embarrassed when I get caught. Unless I am with Josh; it's totally acceptable to be singing to Sesame Street at the top of your lungs with a 2-year-old.
8. Dunkin Donuts coffee. The guilty parts are calories and money spent. But it's so good.
9. Letting my son sit in front of the TV while I take a short nap. I work all week and need my sleep on the weekends, and Josh doesn't always like to sleep in. We veg for a bit and then do something productive.
10. Hockey! I spend a little too much time and money following and playing the sport, but I love it. Speaking of which, I just got this bad boy in tonight:


Woot! I'm going to try the scavenger hunt that Stasha does every week, maybe tomorrow night. I was going to do it tonight, but the little guy didn't go to bed (well, fall asleep) until 11:30pm. Yikes! Mama needs her sleep now. ;)