Thursday, July 14, 2011

Picture Inspiration: Week 20

Picture Inspiration: Week 20 by goaliej54

The theme this week was "Excavation," and I took it literally. We were actually to look back on our photos from the class (so far) and see if anything stood out to us, if we discovered anything about ourselves by reviewing our photos.

Looking back on my photos from this year (from this class and in general), I see that nature recharges me, I love being a Mama, and I have a crazy obsession with clouds. Oh, and I love hockey (who knew?). I took this picture while playing with my son on the beach, so I captured the nature and Mama parts here.

I already knew that I love my son, but photography has definitely opened my eyes to how important nature is to me. To be still, be in the moment, and to capture it is a refreshing break from all the thinking, planning, and worrying during the day. I could also say that hanging out with my son is a way to be in the moment and enjoy myself. So it seems I like to photograph what refreshes me.

Slowly digging out my soul from all the piled-up stress and worry..