Monday, July 18, 2011


From the mouth of my 2.5 year old:

1. Upon inspecting the floor: "On no! We have a piece of lint in the house!"
2. During our nightly before-bed conversation: "I want to put on a hockey hat, and hockey skates, and a hockey shirt, and play hockey." (Proud moment!)
3. Upon watching the video for "Do the Dinosaur": "Those are crazy people!"
4. Upon opening the doors to his toy car: "Wow! Cool rocketship!"
5. Because his pants were too short: "Oh no! Pants are broken! They need batteries!"
6. Upon getting out of the bathtub: "I'm nice and nice and clean!"
7. Upon inspecting the living room, with toys scattered about: "What a messy messy mess!"
8. When faced with a decision: "Hmm... let me think." (Complete with finger on the lip)
9. Affirmative answer when asked a yes or no question: "Riiiiight!"
10. When asked where Mater is: "He's at Target!"

Of course, it's more adorable in person. :)

(Playing "Listicles" with Judy and Stasha)