Monday, May 23, 2011

Picture Inspiration: Weeks 11-13

I've gotten way behind on my Picture Inspiration photos lately. Some of the themes have been a real challenge to me, but in a good way.

Week 11
I shared a couple of photos from Schartner Farms. The theme was "In the Distance." The second is my favorite, and I got some nice comments on it.

Picture inspiration: Week 11 (1)

Picture Inspiration: Week 11 (2)

Week 12
I'm still working on this one. The theme was "Mysterious Ways," in which we were to look for interesting creations in nature. I haven't found anything to photograph yet, and honestly, this assignment just leaves me wanting a macro lens REALLY badly. Sigh. I will update soon!

Week 13
This week's theme is "From the Ground Up." This one was much easier, and I ended up using a couple of them as 365 Project photos. The last link is also a 365 photo, but I took it about a month ago.