Sunday, March 20, 2011

Little Man (A Josh Update)

Josh's personality is really starting to come out lately. He's very silly and has a great imagination. He is starting to speak so much now, and will repeat just about anything anyone says. Which can be dangerous. But in general, it's been a good thing. He is very happy when someone understands what he is saying, and loves to just sit and chat with people. His main topics of conversation include his cars, and shows he watches on television. But sometimes, he will make up stories, like how he wants to take a "ping pong ball" (the little plastic bubbles on his Elmo bath toy) and shoot a "hoop" (the shower head) -- but "Ooooh! They're stuck!" Too funny.

Josh is really into "fixing" things. He pretends to use his Handy Manny tools to work on his cars, or tighten the cabinets and doors. He tells me when his toys need new batteries (sometimes, they do; sometimes, they don't) and if I need to use a screwdriver, he'll go and get his to help me. He also loves to clean. If I need to entertain him while drying my hair, I will give him the Swiffer and he'll clean the bathroom floor. I have also heard stories from my mother and mother-in-law about him going to get tissues, cleaning up his mess (usually drops of milk from his sippy cup), and throwing out the tissue afterwards. I hope he is always this good about helping out around the house!

I noticed him looking for one of his toys underneath the baker's rack one day. He got his little flashlight, and used it search. It was the cutest thing; he looked like such a little man.

Josh still loves listening to music, and dancing. He loves to sing the Alphabet song and "Apples and Bananas," and knows parts to a lot of other songs. So far, it sounds like he's going to have my flat, nasally voice, but he is a great dancer. Not sure where he gets that from! He had his last Music Together class yesterday. I haven't decided if I am going to sign him up again. He has a lot of fun with the kids, but seems to be more interested in running around when he's in the class -- he often challenges the others to races ("Hey baby. Run! Ready, set... go!"). He does all of his singing and dancing at home. So I am leaning towards a Little Gym class next.

Josh has grown so much, even in just the past couple of months, both physically and mentally. It's amazing. He can tell you just about any letter of the alphabet when you point to it, as well as numbers. He loves to count, and loves books. He is now tall enough to reach most of our light switches (which is not great for the electricity bill). He's learning how to express feelings, explain and imitate sounds, and tell stories about his day. He rode a tricycle for the first time the other day. It's so cool, and I'm really enjoying these days of teaching him and watching him grow up.