Friday, February 25, 2011

[56/365] Rescue Cars

[56/365] Rescue Cars

Lazy again. But, at least I thought about the composition a bit for this one.

I was thinking the other day about how, as a child, I was always creating. Drawing, playing with Legos, making crafts (I loved cross-stitch), folding origami animals, writing stories and poems. Cutting up my grandmother's magazines to make collages. Taking photos. I think photography has become that creative outlet that I have been craving in my adult years. It's less time-consuming than some of my former endeavors, but I'm still creating. And thanks to the Internet, I am able to share these creations easily. In case someone cares. :)

Unfortunately, I am too much of a perfectionist. Sometimes I wonder if I am not allowing myself to grow because of my harsh criticism toward myself. It's definitely kept me from following some of my dreams. More importantly, I don't always allow myself to have a good time because of it. Photography isn't a chore, and I am not getting paid for it. I should be having fun. Playing with Instagram is fun. So, I shouldn't beat myself up for not using my "fancy" camera for a few days, right? I will get back to all of the technique learning soon enough. And who cares if it's not the perfect photo? Well, maybe I do, but I shouldn't beat myself up over it. When I have the time (and take it), I end up with decent photos like "Big Dipper." But sometimes I'm busy and just get something fun like today's photo.

It's all good.