Saturday, January 15, 2011

Josh Update: 2 Years

It's been a while since I've posted anything besides my photos, so I thought I would give a Joshua update. It's not that I don't like to write (on the contrary, I do) but it's rare that I take the time (and get enough quiet time) to do so.

(As soon as I started writing that, Josh woke up from his nap. He's playing now, but I'll have to write quick!)

Josh had a great Christmas. He still refused to sit on Santa's lap -- he freaked out -- but seemed to like Santa in general a lot more this year. He loved saying "Ho ho ho!" and said it so loud and with such a deep voice one day in the store, that a woman turned around and said she thought it was either a Santa doll "or the real thing." It was pretty impressive. :) We brought him to LaSallette Shrine, because he loved the lights this year. We also introduced him to the Charlie Brown Christmas special. He loved it so much that I still have to read him the Charlie Brown Christmas book every night. It was fun to share some of my favorite traditions with him this year.

He received a lot of nice gifts for Christmas and his birthday, but his favorites are the "Shake and Go" cars. Actually, cars in general. He's so obsessed that he has to carry two small cars with him where ever he goes. One for him, and one for the person playing with him. I'm playing cars as I type. He also loves his Handy Manny toolbox. I taught him how to use the screwdrivers to "fix" the cabinets; it's so cute when he imitates.

Speaking of his birthday, I cannot believe he is already two. He has grown and learned so much, so quickly. We had a lazy week off in between Christmas and New Year's, so we didn't do too much for his birthday. He had his new toys, though, so he didn't mind.

Josh is taking Music Together again this winter. He's been dancing and singing all of the time, so I figured he would really enjoy it this time around. He is so cute in class -- dancing, playing the drums, and imitating the teacher. He also met a little girl who shares his affection for cars. Today, he shared one of his cars with her and they played for a little while during class.

We got about two feet of snow this past Wednesday, and Josh declared "That snow is BIG!" I don't think he's a big fan of it yet, and I don't blame him for being a little freaked out by the amount. Unfortunately, we can't even go out and play in it because there is so much. We already had about half a foot on the ground before the storm, and Josh is only 33.5 inches tall! We'll have to build him a tunnel. ;)

Time to go play for a while with the cars. More later.