Thursday, December 30, 2010

Picture the Holidays | Days 28 & 29

Yesterday's assignment was to use glass to create an interesting photo. I took one photo with a wine glass (kitchen in the reflection), and another through the glass of my hutch.

Day 28: Through the Looking Glass (1) Day 28: Through the Looking Glass (2)

Today's assignment was to toast, or celebrate something. I celebrated my son's second birthday today. So, I toasted in a Peanuts mug -- he has recently grown quite addicted to "Noopy" -- with some birthday paraphernalia in the background.

Day 29: A Toast!

Josh had a fun day today just hanging around the house, playing with his toys. Unfortunately, he has a cold, so we haven't done much else this week. But we had a great dinner with family tonight, and I think he really enjoyed the company. It's been a lazy vacation, but I don't mind -- I needed it, too.