Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Picture the Holidays | Day 6

Today, we were asked to pay attention to the "tiny wonders" all around us -- the ones that bring us a little bit of enchantment on even the most ordinary day. I didn't get as macro as I would have liked, but I knew I wanted to take an ornament picture. Despite the fact that I am allergic to it, I am quite enamored with the tree we put up this weekend. I can't breathe, but I got this photo of one of Josh's new ornaments. He loves cows and chickens, so it was perfect.

Day 6 (Original)

I had a little fun with filters in Picasa on this one, as well, so I uploaded both.

Day 6 (Filtered)

On a side note, macro is quickly becoming one of my favorite types of photography. I have already decided that the first good lens I buy for my camera is going to be a macro one.