Thursday, December 2, 2010

Picture the Holidays | Day 1

I didn't plan on signing up for a photography workshop during the holidays -- I figured I'd be busy enough -- but I've found that I have been slacking and haven't been taking any good photos lately. I guess I'm not very good at motivating myself, or at least, I miss the daily prompts from the workshop in October. So here I am again with my daily photo posts. Hopefully, I will get some good shots this month.

Today's theme was "Hold on to Gratitude." Of course, I took a photo of my son, because I am very grateful for him (even though he has not fallen asleep before 10:30pm all week, and therefore, I haven't gotten much done). I am also grateful for the decorative lights that brighten these long, dark nights.

Holding on to Gratitude (1)

I also included a photo I took of my nativity figures.

Holding on to Gratitude (2)

The story of Jesus' birth has always been one of my favorites. Even as a little child, I was more fascinated with the "real" story of Christmas than any Santa Claus tales. I would close my eyes on Christmas Eve and try to imagine how Bethlehem must have looked that night (based on books, television shows, pictures), with the star shining brightly on the stable. It always gave me such a peaceful feeling. I am grateful for Jesus, and the promise of joy, peace, love, and hope that he brought.