Thursday, November 18, 2010

22.5 Months

Yes, that is my child running around the yard in circles, screaming at the top of his lungs like a wild man. I might worry about him, but I know he can now count to 20, recite his alphabet, and tell you what color you're wearing. He loves his Leap Frog alphabet magnets. He'll look at the selection, say a letter out loud, and pick up the corresponding magnet. "Go get the W," I tell him, and he does. He is clearly a genius. :)

His favorite number is still 8, and his favorite letter is B. He loves the song on his Mickey Mouse CD about Buzz Buzz the bee. He loves a lot of songs, and has started singing along. He knows the tunes to some of the songs his toys play, and I find him humming along sometimes. And he loves to dance. We've had a few impromptu dance breaks, and I am not sure which one of us has more fun. I am definitely signing him up for another "Music Together" class after Christmas. I started giving him some piano "lessons" -- someday it will sink in -- because he loves to play with the keyboard.

Josh likes the colors red and blue. He likes his jeans. He did not really like Halloween, but made an adorable Yoda. He does not like sitting in leaves, either. He likes to be lazy; he slept until 9am this morning and when I went in to get him, he was still lounging, saying, "Beeeedddd." But, he also likes to run around and climb like crazy when he's awake, and is not a fan of naps. He hates for his hands to be dirty. Or for anything to be dirty, actually. He loves the vacuum cleaner, and the Swiffer sweeper. He is still a lefty. He can now use a toddler slide by himself, and he loves it. He's still small, but seems to be growing lately.

Josh is learning a ton of words everyday, and is absolutely hilarious. I can't wait until I can understand all of what he is saying. Though, I have a feeling that he's never going to be quiet. :) I have been taking video of him lately, because my words just can't describe what a character he is. He is happy (most of the time... terrible twos are approaching!) and confident, and I hope he always stays that way.