Monday, October 11, 2010

Picture Fall | Days 8-10

Day 8
Friday's assignment was to use light to illuminate a simple object. It took me about two hours to find a good object and get the photo right. Simple does not equal easy.

Day 8: Keeping it Simple

Day 9
The assignment was to find "something that just isn't willing to let go." I read the assignment before going apple picking, so I was on a mission to find something on one of the trees. I found two possibilities -- a rotted apple and a dead branch. The apple photo came out better.

Day 9: What Remains

Day 10
Today's assignment was to photography "something in the kitchen that brings you joy." I am not much of a cook, though I do like to bake. But Josh brings me joy, so I photographed his seat in the kitchen. Maybe I'll take an alternate photo tomorrow when I make my apple crisp. :)

Day 10: Preparations

The best part of this workshop is viewing the other participants' photos. Some are just amazing. They're inspiring, and remind me just how much more I have to learn.