Monday, November 1, 2010

Picture Fall | Days 30 & 31

This weekend marked the end of my month-long online workshop. I wasn't too thrilled with these pictures -- I was busy, and only had time to snap a few shots. But, in the future, I plan to revisit the assignments I feel I "failed."

Yesterday's assignment was to capture the magic of a Halloween costume. Not sure the photo is magical, but it is comical. That's how we roll. (Note: this one was taken on my point-and-shoot, which is why the quality isn't great.)

Day 30: Fantasyland

Today's assignment was to capture something that expresses our gratitude. I wanted to focus on something (well, someone) I am extremely thankful for: Joshua. He was asleep when I got around to taking a picture, so I photographed the monitor on which I was watching him. And really, I am thankful for the monitor, too. Saves me a lot of worry. And the way I worry... I need it!

Day 31: Thanksgiving

I have really enjoyed taking so many photos this month, and found the daily assignments helpful and inspiring. Next: I am thinking of starting a 365 project in January. I didn't want to put too much pressure on myself to start it before the hectic holidays, although I am sure I will take many photos during the season. So it will be my resolution for next year: to take a photo a day and work on improving my photography skills. There is always room for improvement. :)