Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Picture Fall | Days 25 & 26

Yesterday's assignment was to capture some fall colors. I have been trying to do that all month, and especially liked a picture of my mums that I took on Saturday. So, I used that.

Day 25: Fall Colors

Today's assignment was to seek out some openness. The basic idea was that we all pack our days so tightly, that we don't have any room for the goodness that the Universe is trying to offer us. We spend too much time doing daily tasks and not enough stopping and cherishing what we've been given. It's a great lesson. However, for the assignment, I chose to photograph something representing the title of the assignment ("Open Heart, Open Mind") more literally:

Day 26: Open Heart, Open Mind (1)

Day 26: Open Heart, Open Mind (2)

For me, October is just as much about supporting breast cancer patients, survivors, and their family members as it is about leaves, pumpkins and Halloween. <3