Sunday, October 24, 2010

Picture Fall | Days 22 & 23

Yesterday, we were challenged to do a little photo editing to enhance a picture of a silhouette taken at dusk. I tried to edit a couple of shots with Photoshop.

Day 22: Darks and Lights 1 (Before) Day 22: Darks and Lights 1 (After)
Left: Before, Right: After with yellow added

Day 22: Darks and Lights 2 (Before) Day 22: Darks and Lights 2 (After)
Left: Before, Right: After with magenta added

Nothing major. I like the way the second one came out.

I am kicking myself for not keeping my camera in the car yesterday. When I left work, the sky was the most amazing shade of lavender, with the moon bright and white, and a few clouds to accent. Driving by a nearby farm, that scene with the addition of the golden field was just incredible. I saw a few beautiful sunsets on the way home last week (lots of vivid pinks and purples). I'll have to keep my camera with me at all times. The phone camera doesn't do sunsets any justice. Not that it's a guarantee that I'd be able to capture them with any camera. :)

Today's assignment was to find some repetition. I tried a few things, but these stairs seemed to work the best.

Day 23: The Rhythm of Repetition