Thursday, December 11, 2008

Baby Countdown: Week 37

Woah, Mama. Someone's getting big:

Week 36

It feels like the baby could be here any day now; his head is in position and very low at this point. I have a lot of pressure in my lower abdomen/pelvis/back, and it can be hard to walk sometimes, especially when I first get up from sitting. I wouldn't mind if he came a couple of weeks early and beat the Christmas rush, but we'll see. We should probably finish the nursery first, anyway!

Kevin's been plugging away on the room. This week, he and his uncle finished putting up the moldings around the window and on the floor of the new wall. It looks great. He is priming/painting the moldings tonight and once that is done, he will just need to wax and buff the floors. We may be able to put furniture in this weekend if all goes well.

Nursery Construction Nursery Construction Nursery Construction

I had another doctor appointment today, and all is well. Last week, I had to have some testing done because my blood pressure has risen in the past month or so. They wanted to make sure I don't have preeclampsia, because I also have some swelling in my hands and feet (although, I've had that all along). But all my results came back fine, and I feel very relieved. I also met with a doctor from the anesthesia department at the hospital to discuss when and why I might need medication, and to give him some of the information they will need if I do need their services. I've had some back issues in the past, so I wanted to make sure that there will be no problems if I need an epidural or medication for a C-section. The doctor didn't seem to have any concerns, so I should be good to go. It was good to get that reassurance.

Kevin finished painting, and we have some more photos to share:

Nursery Construction Nursery Construction Nursery Construction Nursery Construction Nursery Construction

Hopefully, the next photos will include furniture and baby gear. :)