Saturday, August 29, 2015

Writer's Workshop: Dishes

This week, I chose the prompt: 1. Write a blog post in exactly 12 lines.


One chore I never minded was washing the dishes.
In fact, even today, I find it somewhat relaxing.
It used to be a nice break from my homework, or something to do when I was bored.
Quiet and alone in the kitchen while others watched TV shows that I didn't care for.
There's something therapeutic to me about water.
And I may be somewhat of a clean freak.
I also have fond memories of helping my Nana wash dishes.
She would wash and I'd dry and put them away.
When I got older, we'd sometimes reverse roles.
On Sundays and holidays, the women would cram into her small pantry, cleaning after dinner.
Calming, therapeutic water -- full of many happy memories.
But don't get me wrong: I'm thankful for my dishwasher!


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