Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: More Snow and the Thaw

We received several more inches of snow last week, heaviest in the part of the state where I live. It was the kind that sticks to the trees and makes everything look beautiful. Even though we got at least six inches of snow on Thursday, I was out and about and enjoying the view (also, I had to go to work). I'm glad my car drives well in this weather.





The mound of snow that I've had on my patio since the beginning of February is still holding its ground. On Saturday, Joshua was climbing it. That fence is about 6 feet tall and Josh is 45 inches, so it's a good 2+ feet tall.


Yesterday, there were still snow mounds at least 10 feet tall at the hockey rink where I play, but the thaw is coming. Since Saturday, we've had temperatures in the 40s Fahrenheit gradually increasing to today's temperature in the 60s, as well as some rain last night. Needless to say, there is a lot of melting going on. Fields are turning into ponds, and the ground is just a muddy mess. Better than the roads, though -- pothole central!





What a difference six days makes.



I may be a cold weather fan, but there is one thing I am definitely loving this week: daylight savings time. Hooray for extra sunshine! And 60 degrees feels pretty good. I'm going to enjoy this before the pollen comes.

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