Friday, February 13, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Let It Snow

I realize it's no longer Wednesday, but my internet was down last night. I was pretty sure it was a sign for me to get some sleep, so I did. Here's my week in photos, a little late.

We had some pretty large snowflakes last Saturday. When we got home from the store, I noticed how easy it was to see their details, so I grabbed my camera and went out to take a few shots. I love this one, but wish I could have gotten it a bit clearer. Still, it was a good find.
We finally got to go sledding! Here's the view from the top of our sledding hill.
Climbing back up that hill is hard work!
Our quaint little town
We have a lot of snow in RI, but MA really won the snow lottery. I took this on my way to hockey on Tuesday night. We had just gotten some more snow on Monday.
I love the white stuff. It makes for some pretty scenery.
More snow coming on Saturday, but you won't find me complaining. Well, maybe I would if I lived in MA and already had 79 inches of it. And I also don't have much to shovel, so that's a bonus.
It will be cold, though. If you need me, I'll be joining Josh's owls for a nice cup of hot tea, ;)
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