Friday, January 16, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Shmorgishborg

I have no idea if I spelled that word right, and I realize it's rather lame to create a Wordless Wednesday post when it's neither wordless nor Wednesday, but I have really missed Ruchira's link-up, so I am gonna do it anyway!

Holy run-on sentences, Batman.

Here are some random photos from my week. I have been slacking on photographing as much as I've been slacking on blogging, so please forgive me. I'm still in holiday mode. At least, that's what I tell myself to justify the fact that I haven't put a single Christmas decoration away. I'm really digging this fake tree.


Little Man had his birthday party on Saturday. We had it at a local gymnastics center, so the kids were able to run around and release some energy, while my cleaning was kept to a minimum! Definitely the way to go. The birthday boy wanted donut cake, specifically a maple-frosted donut cake in the shape of a pumpkin with orange sprinkles. You got it, kid. We also got a vanilla frosted snowman cake for those who weren't fond of maple (ie, the crazy people).


I cannot believe he's 6. And I think he grows a little more every night.


In other news this week, we got a little bit of snow. Just enough to make things pretty.


And while I didn't see any hockey last weekend (besides Joshua's practices), I did get to go on a road trip the weekend before with one of my friends. We went to Portland, ME, which was probably crazy considering we had to drive through a snowstorm, but the game was great -- a definite battle of the goalies. They both had shutouts in regulation and overtime, and the game was decided by one goal in a shootout. My friend and I are both goalies, so we appreciated the showdown. Also, I was excited to see snow (a significant amount, at least) and I really don't mind driving through it (especially in a state where people actually know how to drive through it). Well, except when tractor trailers come hauling at you going 60mph. Then you just get out of the way and hope for the best.

Here are the goalie photos.





Have a great week!

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