Thursday, October 16, 2014

Flames of Hope

One of the most touching tributes to those who have been afflicted with breast cancer that I have seen is the Flames of Hope Waterfire in Providence. It takes place on a Saturday night every October, and includes vendors selling goods to raise money for breast cancer research (and for patients, I believe) and education resources, a ceremony and torch light procession from the State House to the Providence River, and the lighting of bonfires along the river, with another ceremony in the river basin. The event has grown to include a 5K Run/Walk (which I also attended this year), and is said to be one of the largest breast cancer awareness events in the Northeast.

The Waterfire itself is so beautiful, and my photos do it no justice. The music chosen for the event just adds to the emotion of the night, as we remember those we have lost, support those who are still fighting, and educate those who can be saved if they catch it in time. Our state's motto is "Hope," and we are reminded that there is hope on a night like this.