Tuesday, March 18, 2014

[350/365] Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We Irish Americans just love to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Often, it's all about the drinking, but the dressing up is fun, too. Joshua got all dressed up in his garb today and marched with his class in their parade. There were headbands, hats, shakers, flags... it was like a kids' Mardi Gras.

[350/365] Happy St. Patrick's Day!

It was a nice, sunny day. Perfect for a parade! And it would have been even better if the temps were above 20F.


He insisted that his shirt have a clover on it. Then he added a few more.


We decided to have a little crazy fun to celebrate in the evening. We broke out the sleds and went down the hill in the side yard, which is just a huge sheet of hard snow and ice (and pretty thick, too -- it should be around for a while). It was fast. And the great part is, it was still light when we were outside at 7:00pm. This Daylight Savings time is alright after all.


After all that running around and once Joshua was in bed, it was time for corned beef and cabbage -- boiled dinner with vegetables. And don't forget the side of soda bread. So good. Erin Go Bragh!