Tuesday, November 26, 2013

[240/365] All the Leaves are Brown

[240/365] All the Leaves are Brown by goaliej54
It was still a bit chilly today, but temperatures got into the mid-40s, so it wasn't quite as cold as it has been. Tomorrow is supposed to be around 60F, and then back to the 30s on Thursday. Gotta love that New England weather.

I've had a lot on my mind again and I am trying really hard to stay positive and look at things from the right perspective. When I was away last month, I started to read The Secret, and found it quite interesting. I'm not sure I completely believe that thinking positively about something can really bring it about, but you never know. And besides, it's probably better to go through life at least trying to enjoy it and looking on the bright side. And smiling, laughing, loving as much as possible, sulking and complaining a lot less. I find I'm thinking more rationally about many things, although people continue to perplex me at times. But I'm trying not to dwell on that, as we all have our own things and we need to be understood or at least accepted as we are. As for me, I have some discussions and decisions to make, none of which will be easy or pretty. I'm trying to find support where I can. But there's one thing that I am certain will come out of it when I am all done -- I will become stronger than ever. Learning and growing is a good thing.

I passed this lovely spot on my way into work today. The leaves may be brown, the sky may be gray, there may be ice on the water -- but it's all beautiful.