Monday, April 8, 2013

The Superhero List

It's Monday, and that means it's time for Stasha's weekly link-up, Monday Listicles. I'm joining up again this week after a small hiatus.

Stasha asked us to tell everyone about the things we have done that have made us feel like superheroes. It made me think, how does a superhero feel? I think they like to help others, and maybe they feel some pressure because they are expected to do so. But do they wish sometimes that they could get some help in return? Or feel more appreciated? If so, I feel like a superhero every day.

Actually, I think what Stasha is actually going for is that superheroes feel strong, and maybe a little bit proud. I'm going to go with that for my list. There's not much, but I'll dig up some positive stuff. :)


1. Survived three days of contractions and then gave birth.
2. Ran a 5K while pushing a kid in a baby stroller. Not very quickly, but I made it!
3. Won the 1999 summer season championship with my hockey team. My GAA that season was about 0.50.
4. Posted the highest archery score of all the PE classes in my high school.
5. Ripped up a floor like a boss while volunteering to renovate a house for Habitat for Humanity.
6. Solved a math word problem before any of the former Computer Science majors that I work with. Mighty Math Powers! (Cue Team Umizoomi ;))
7. Got CSS to render correctly in all supported browsers!
8. Survived farming duties (shoveling poop, milking goats, etc.) while volunteering with the Heifer Project.
9. Woke up a half hour late the other day, yet still managed to get myself showered and ready, and Josh dressed and fed. I even got him to school on time, actually earlier than usual!
10. While playing roller hockey with some boys, one decided that he was going to try to knock me over after the whistle was blown (real classy, I know). Came at me full steam. Not only did he fail to knock me over, but I knocked him down to the ground. Don't mess with me. :)