Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'm Putting the Blog Back Together

A few weeks ago, I had the bright idea that I was going to delete this blog. I wasn't happy with it. I felt like my content was useless and I was not contributing anything to this world by sharing it. But I did miss writing, and when I thought about the reason that I started blogging, I realized it wasn't for anyone else but myself. This is simply my journal, and it can be whatever I want it to be. Maybe someday, I'll have some interesting content to share with others, and I can create a separate blog. But for now, I'm just going to keep writing about whatever it is that flows into my mind. Well, some of it, at least.

Luckily, the good folks at Blogger are smart enough to realize that people change their minds, and I was able to restore my blog quite easily. Yay! And people following my Google+ feed (if any) will be happier now, because I'll be channeling the stuff they don't care about to my blog again. :)

In all of this, it has come to my attention just how much I worry about what others think of me. I mean, I have known this for a while, but it's becoming more and more evident how much it is holding me back. I barely even know who I am anymore, and I think it's time to go on a mission and find that person. Because, unlike this ball of stress and anxiety I have become, that girl totally rocks. I'm also working hard to get myself healthy again. All signs are pointing to a thyroid out of control (again) and wreaking havoc on my body, both physically and mentally. I'll know after some tests coming up. It's amazing how one little gland can cause so much trouble.

I'll just end with a photo my friend had posted on Instagram, and what I wrote on Google+ about it:

Truth (thanks @jo_hisgrace)!
The first part has been my past. Hoping the latter will be my future. Tired of letting insecurities hold me back, and keep me from being who I really am. I can do better.
I'm ready to start this journey.