Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Never Say Never List

This week's topic is "I'll Never...": The Top Ten Things You Said You Would NEVER Do And Have Caught Yourself Doing, suggested by Greta. I could basically just copy Stasha's list, but I'll try to think of some others. I'm sure there are plenty.

1. Talk to myself. My grandma used to do this and I thought it odd. My excuse is that Josh talks so much, I have to keep the conversation going when he's not around. But let's be honest: I am pretty sure it started when I became a goalie.
2. Refer to myself in the third person. This is on Stasha's list but I had to mention it. It irks me that I this!
3. Work with computers. My dad told me I should and I fought it. Not sure why, because I enjoy it now.
4.  Use text messaging. When it first came out, I thought, "I have no use for that." I only use it all the time now.
5. Buy an iPhone, or anything by Apple. I can be a rebel sometimes when it comes to trends. I like my phone a lot, though. Also: I said the same thing about owning a pair of Ugg-like boots (I have Emus) and a Northface jacket. Those were gifts, at least. :)
6. Speak in baby talk.  Another one that Stasha mentioned, but I definitely have to agree!
7. Try to make my child eat more than he wants.  But I also never thought I'd have a child who didn't love food as much as I do.
8. Let myself get too fat. Ugh.
9. Sing in public. Josh and I do this often.  He's still singing "Jingle Bells."
10. Listen to kids music in the car.  "My child will listen to the same music as I." Yeah, right. As I jam out to the Imagination Movers.