Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy Places

Monday Listicles has become Friday Listicles this week. We finally got power last night after Hurricane Irene came through on Sunday. So with no illness and crazy weather, things are going much better. :)

There seems to be two lists in the post this week, so I will take part in both. Here we go.

10 Places I Love
1. Ottawa - I'm not exactly sure what it is, but I love this city.  I feel at home there, and could definitely live here.  Not that I ever will.  Also: Rideau Canal is amazing in the winter!
2. New Hampshire - There are so many beautiful places to visit in that state.  I love the mountains, and hiking in them.  Vermont is beautiful, too.
3. Charleston SC - Such a beautiful and historic place.  My stepfather worked here for almost a year when I was in high school, so we visited often.
4. Disneyworld - I can't wait to go in September.  It will be Josh's first visit.
5. Colorado - Again, a beautiful state with lovely mountains and interesting natural scenery.
6. The Ocean - In general, I love the water.  This can include lakes, too, but there is something so peaceful and comforting about the ocean.  When there is not a hurricane on the way.
7. The Dunk - My home away from home, home of the Providence Bruins.  I love my hockey, and by Friday, I usually need it!
8. Boston - Love to go see my sports (baseball and hockey) there, and it's a nice city to just walk around.  So much history there.
9. Anywhere there's a concert - I love music, and listening to it is my favorite way to unwind.
10. Yoga Class - This helped me keep my sanity when I was pregnant with my son.  I really need to go back, for stress management and to stretch my aching muscles!

10 Favorite Animals to Visit at Roger Williams Zoo
1. Seals
2. Giraffes
3. Elephants
4. Donkeys
5. Gibbons
6. Camels
7. Moon Bears (video)
8. Red Pandas
9. Turtles
10. Penguins!