Monday, March 7, 2011

Picture Inspiration: Week 2

This week's theme is "Finding a Little Rhythm." I found some patterns in the kitchen which said "rhythm" to me:

Picture Inspiration: Week 2 (1) Picture Inspiration: Week 2 (2)

At first, the idea seemed a little abstract. I understand rhythm in music, but in photography? I just looked for what felt right. I guess you can't really get this type of assignment wrong.

Update 3/8/11: A few women in the workshop commented that the second photo reminded them of "dancers on pointe," which I realized is exactly what made it feel like rhythm to me. I kept wondering why it reminded me of dancing. It ended up in the gallery right near a photo of ballet dancers, which worked out quite nicely. :)

Update 3/9/11: I added another one tonight:

Picture Inspiration: Week 2 (3)