Monday, December 20, 2010

Picture the Holidays | Days 18 & 19

Yesterday's assignment was to show how we "recharge" ourselves during the holidays. It's not exactly relaxing, but hockey sure does help relieve some stress. I played tonight for the first time in four months, and had a blast. After running around like a crazy woman all day, I didn't think I'd have the energy for it. But, as soon as I stepped out onto the ice, I was good to go.

Day 18: Recharge

Today's assignment was to take a picture of our Christmas lists -- for Santa, to do, whatever. Most of my lists are a big mess; I have papers everywhere waiting to be consolidated into the Google Tasks app. So I decided to share my photography wishlist. I thought it was appropriate, anyway.

Day 19: Make a List (check it twice)

There are tons of things left to do for the holidays, but I'm trying to maintain perspective. It helps that Josh is super excited about everything. I'm really enjoying seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child again. Definitely the way it was meant to be seen.